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Air Quality Testing - Genesee Depot, WI

Allergies/ Asthma / Mold

Home Air Check™ is a complete, cost-effective method to test your home in the Genesee Depot area. The test will check for chemicals in the air, called VOCs (Total Volatile Organic Compounds). Home Air Check is so sensitive that it also measures the chemicals released into the air from actively growing Mold (i.e., Mold TMVOCs) that may be hidden behind drywall or underneath carpeting.

A single test provides an analysis of air contaminants and mold existing in the home that could affect your health and that of your family. Home owners in the Genesee Depot, WI, area have been relying on Hensiak Inspection Services, Inc. for over 36 years to provide Home Air Check services.

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